This year, the Labex initiates the financing of multi-partnership projects, with a goal of helping research projects requiring more resources than the usual maximal amount (€ 5,000). The grants are limited to EUR 15,000 for a one-year project, and to EUR 30,000 for two-years projects. The overall budget for this call is EUR 200,000.

The call is restricted to research projects:

– either involving at least one researcher from CREST and one from HEC;
– or involving at least one researcher from the Labex, with additional funding from another public or private institution outside the Labex.[1]

Only permanent members of the 3 partner institutions of the Labex (Ecole Polytechnique, GENES, HEC) are allowed to apply.
Expenses can be budgeted either on a 1 year or on a 2 years basis, and used for the  following expenses:

  • Travel
  • Services (e.g. conference room rental, translation services)
  • Personal (research assistant)
  • Others expenses (e.g. purchase of goods, small equipment, data base)
  • Equipment (> EUR 4000)

Call deadlines are the following :

–  22th September, 2018 : End of submission
–  25th September, 2018 : Meeting of the selection Jury
–  29th September, 2018 : Results publishing

All projects have to be written in English, within a max. 2000 words.
Additional bibliography and Curriculum Vitae of partner institutions are welcomed.
The project should also mention precisely the co-funding amount and its use.
Members of the Labex ECODEC are invited to submit research projects in one of the following subjects:

  • Area 1: Secure Careers in a Global Economy
  • Area 2: Financial Market Failures and Regulation
  • Area 3: Product Market Regulation and Consumer Decision-Making
  • Area 4: Evaluating the Impact of Public Policies and Firms’ Decisions
  • Area 5: New Challenges for New Data

All projects will have to be submitted under the following link :
You may contact one of the following members of the Steering Committee, before submiting your project on line (including your budget) :

Area Pi (Pilots) Co-Pi (Co-Pilots)
1 : “Secure careers in a Global Economy” CAHUC Pierre
ROUZIES Dominique
HEC Paris
MEJEAN Isabelle
École polytechnique
2 : “Financial Market Failures and Regulation” DERRIEN François
HEC Paris
École polytechnique
3 : “Decision-Making and Market Regulation” VIEILLE Nicolas
HEC Paris
CHONÉ Philippe
allain marie-Laure
Ecole Polytechnique
4 : “Evaluating the Impact of Public Policies and Firm’s Decisions CREPON Bruno
KORIYAMA Yukio École polytechnique
HEC Paris
5 : “New Challenges for New Data” SIMONI Anna
STOURM Ludovic
HEC Paris
École polytechnique


[1] Examples include (but are not limited to) grants from chairs, private firms, ANR, foreign public grants…