• Board of Trustees
  • Steering Commitee
  • Scientific Council

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is composed of the Director of each research center taking part into the project, that is, the ENSAE-CREST, HEC, and Ecole Polytechnique. It decides the evolutions of the governance proposed by the Steering Commitee, and the general strategy proposed by the President of the Steering Commitee. It gives its approval on the annual balance sheet, and appoints the President of the Steering Commitee to execute the budget. Furthermore, it nominates the members of the Scientific Council upon proposal of the Steering Commitee, and is informed of the positions taken by the Scientific Council, when the latter is consulted by the Steering Commitee.

The Board of Trustees is currently composed of:

  • Philippe CUNEO, Director General (GENES)
  • Benoît DEVEAUD,  Deputy Director for Research (Ecole Polytechnique)
  • Christophe PERIGNON, Associate Dean for Research (HEC)

Steering Commitee

The Steering Commitee is the executive body of the LabEx. It is composed of eight members and eight deputies designated among the researchers from the research centers participating in ECODEC. It is currently chaired by Francis Kramarz, Director of CREST.

The Steering Commitee meets at least 4 times a year. It selects the projects funded by the LabEx, validates the detailed budget, decides the allocation of funds to the research centers, constitutes the advisory working groups when needed, and proposes governance reforms and strategic orientations to the Board of Trustees.

Members of the Steering Commitee:

President Vice-President
Full Members Deputies
François DERRIEN (HEC) Edouard CHALLE (Ecole Polytechnique)
Bruno CRÉPON (ENSAE-CREST) Yukio KORIYAMA (Ecole Polytechnique)
Eric STROBL (Ecole Polytechnique) Daniel HALBHEER (HEC)
Isabelle MEJEAN (Ecole Polytechnique) Marie-Laure ALLAIN (Ecole Polytechnique)

 Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is composed of ten internationally recognized scientists, none of them being part of the projects undertaken by the LabEx, and representatives of the private sector, among whom at least five members do not take part in projects undertaken by the LabEx.

Members of the Scientific Council are nominated for a five-year term. Nominations are proposed by the Board of Trustees, and decided by the Board of Trustees.

The Scientific Council meets at least once a year. It supports and advises the Steering Committee in the devising and the implementation of the scientific agenda of the LabEx. It must be consulted for every single proposal to modify the composition of the partners of ECODEC. It is also consulted to assess the evolution of the projects that are undertaken.