Area 1: Secure Careers in a Global Economy

This area focus on the efficiency of regulations and social security systems and of corporate human resource policies. Its research program investigates in particular issues including:

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Analysis of mobility
  • Vocational training
  • Employment protection and flexicurity
  • Subsidies for employment or setting-up firm
  • Social costs of labor mobility
  • Human resources policies.

The interactions between labor economists, macroeconomists, and human resources managers is essential to this area. The macroeconomic component in particular is key to the research area’s capacity when making public policy recommendations.

To help structure research by ENSAE-CREST and HEC into labor markets and mobility, a Secure Career Watchdog will be created.

There are 34 researchers affiliated to this Area
Principal Investigator: Franck MALHERBET (GENES)
Co-PIs : Dominique ROUZIES (HEC) & Gregory CORCOS (X)

Please find a ppt presentation of this area: here.
Here is an updated list of publications.