Number Title Authors
2016-01 Firms, destinations and aggregate fluctutations I. Mejean , J.di Giovanni, A. Levechenko
2016-02 Firm dynamics and residual inequality in open economics J. Prat, G. Felbermayr, G. Impullitti
2016-03 The poisson transform for unnormalised statistical models N. Chopin, Barthelme
2016-04 Infinite-State Markov-switching for Dynamic Volatility Models Dufays
2016-05 Positional Portfolio Management Gouriéroux, Gagliardini, Rubin
2016-06 Input Specificity and the Propagation of Idiosyncratic Shocs in Production Networks Sauvagnat, Barrot
2016-07 Evaluation des Réseaux Ambition Réussite Davezies, Caille, Garrouste
2016-08 La réforme des régimes spéciaux de retraite a-t-elle été “ratée” ? Robert Gary-Bobo, Touria Jaaidane
2016-09 Attention and saliency on the internet: Evidence from an online recommendation system Manasa Patnam, Christian Helmers
2016-10 Competition and The Operational Performance of Hospitals: The Role of Hospital Objectives Dimitrios Andritsos, Sam Aflaki
2016-11 Implementing Structural Reforms in Abenomics: how to Reduce the Cost of Doing Business in Japan Jamal Ibrahim Haidar, Takeo Hoshi
2016-12 On the properties of variational approximations of Gibbs posteriors Pierre Alquier, James Ridgway, Nicolas Chopin
2016-13 Optimal students loans and graduate taxe under moral hazard and adverse selection Robert Gary-Bobo, Alain Trannoy