The Call for PhDs and Post-docs Fellowships 2018 is now closed.
The Steering Committee has decided to award the following candidates :

  • Reda ABOUTAJDINE (4th year, X)
  • Antoine BERTHEAU (4th year, GENES)
  • Anicet FANGWA (4th year, HEC)
  • Fei GAO  (4th year, HEC)
  • GOUVARD  (4th year, HEC)
  • Ivan OUSS  (4th year, GENES)
  • Anasuya RAJ  (4th year, X)
  • Zilu SHAN  (4th year, HEC)
  • Huan TANG  (4th year, HEC)
  • Fan WANG  (4th year, HEC)
  • Yapei ZHANG  (4th year, HEC)

Due to numerous and high qualitative applications, further auditions will take place at ENSAE, mid-May, to grant 3 remaining Phd (3 years)/Post-doc (1 year) Fellowships.
Please contact for questions regarding the submission process.